Maximise the power of window display

3rd November

Your window is one of the most powerful tools to help your business stand out from the crowd and lure in those important customers. Not only do you face competition from the small shop next door, but also from the big retailers and chains, therefore this is your perfect opportunity to capitalise on your product and position.

Rule number one, less is more.

The biggest mistake in window display is attempting to fill every last available space with merchandise. It may seem obvious but this method is just overwhelming and ends up looking unfocused and unprofessional. Keep your display simple. Some of the best window designs I’ve seen showcase only one or two items, but do so impeccably. The main objective of your display is to turn the heads of those passing by, engage them enough to stop what they are doing, become curious, and walk into the store to find out more.

Ensure you design has balance. You should be thinking of your window as a frame for a piece of artwork. Avoid displaying everything at the same level, create some interest by placing items at different heights, grouping products in aesthetic compositions and use complimenting colours to tell a story.

Don’t forget to add some personality and individuality to your window, after all this is one of your unique selling propositions, offering something different to the chains and making your customer feel special.

Lighting is key. Despite this, lighting is often an afterthought, it should be at the top of the list when it comes to planning your window display.  Not only are we naturally drawn to light, but good quality lighting will really make your merchandise sparkle.

To summarise, attempt to view your window as a potential customer, how would you want a shop window to make you feel? Keep designing, until you achieve that feeling. Then its done!

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