Public venue refurbishment

Public venues such as theatres, universities and museums tend to attract large crowds with varied needs. You need your space to be welcoming and contemporary, but at the same time helpful in managing traffic flow in a way that helps avoid congestion and overcrowding.

We have been working with public venues for more than 20 years, helping them create spaces that are both contemporary and intuitive. From universities to hospitals, we’re adept at working with a variety of venues, using design to create spaces that are attractive and welcoming.

Whether you need a new reception area, several rooms upgraded or your hallways refurbished, we can help. We can take care of everything – from electrics and plumbing to furnishing and finishing. From design to completion – you can trust us to bring your building into a new era.


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Will we have to close during the re-fit?

We know that minimal disruption to your opening hours is important. Many public services are seasonal or have peaks of use throughout the week. We can work during the nights or evenings to minimise disruption, and can work one area at a time – so there’s no reason to close.

As a working example – a lot of theatres we work with prefer us to work earlier in the week when there are fewer shows on, then during the busy weekend period, we close off the areas we’re working on and pause the work.

What about disability access?

We’ve worked with many companies and organisations who have customers with diverse needs. We are familiar with accessibility legislation and best practice, meaning that your public venue is welcoming, accessible and compliant with the latest legislation.

What should I consider from my end?

The most successful projects are the ones where the client has a good idea of what they want to achieve from the start. You may want to think about who your typical visitors are, how they interact with the space and what you want them to do. You also need to think about how you want them to feel in your space – the best way is to put yourself in their shoes and plan on that basis.

As professionals experienced in creating spaces, we can then work with you to create a refurb that delivers on all fronts.

Public Venues Refit Process


You tell us about your aims, ideas and requirements. We listen. We use this to inform our designs at every stage.

Design Process

You tell us about your aims, ideas and requirements. We listen. We use this to inform our designs at every stage.


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