Public venue refurbishment

Public venues can involve large crowds with varied needs. You need your space to be welcoming and contemporary but, at the same time, helpful in managing traffic flow in a way that helps avoid congestion and overcrowding.

We’ve been working with public venues for over 20 years, helping create contemporary and intuitive spaces. From universities to hospitals, we’re adept at working with different venues, using design to create attractive and welcoming spaces.



With student experience now considered when formulating league table scores, Universities are paying more attention to their facilities to get ahead of the competition. Updated or refurbished facilities provide an enhanced learning experience to attract students.

Your refurbishment should reflect the academic standard of the University, and Mewscraft can deliver efficient use of space and clever design. Our designs consider the flow and dynamics involved with high numbers of visitors coming and going. They consider how to best fit in work spaces without feeling crowded and the importance of breakout areas. That balance between work and relaxation is essential – and our skill is balancing these needs through space.

We put emphasis on design which is on trend and appealing to a demographic of students – but at the same time professional and inspiring. Many of our designers graduated within the last five years, so they are in touch with what today’s students want from their University facilities – be it a lobby area, communal workspace or lecture hall.


Hospitals and Medical centres

Hospitals and Medical centres can have many people passing through on a daily basis. These visitors have very diverse needs, staying for indeterminable periods of time. Whether it’s the needs of staff or patients you’re thinking about, there are many variables to consider when looking at a refurbishment.

At Mewscraft, we analyse your requirements and carefully plan to best meet your needs with minimum disruptions in such a sensitive environment. With our years of expertise and experience in healthcare design, we refit medical centres while considering the latest NHS advice on layouts and design. Our refits are completed in line with, and are acceptable to, the ever-tightening requirements of CQC (Care Quality Commission).


How we can help

With our experienced trade teams and creative design, we create welcoming and professional spaces with clear zoning and sign-posting to guide people to the right area and create a reassuring environment.

Whether you need a new reception area, study areas or hallways refurbished, we can help. We can attend to everything from electrics and plumbing to furnishing and finishing. From design to completion – you can trust us to bring your building into a new era. Let us help you make an ideal space.

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Public Venues Refit Process


You tell us about your aims, ideas and requirements. We listen. We use this to inform our designs at every stage.

Design Process

You tell us about your aims, ideas and requirements. We listen. We use this to inform our designs at every stage.


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