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Your shop window advertises your business. Effective window displays draw people in, enhance your image and ultimately drive sales. At Mewscraft, we always ensure that sufficient importance is given to the window display area in our designs, as your window is a key tool in increasing business.

We have a range of window displays that offer flexible and innovative display options whether ceiling suspended, rotating, or floor mounted. These allow you to feature your products at their best. We can also advise and supply lighting to compliment the displays.

If there is anything you want in particular, then please call us to discuss what would best suit you, or click below to view our online shop:

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Our Top Tips for a Great Window Display are:

  • Keep it simple; Don't clutter and minimise the number of colours used but be bold in their use.
  • Use some tape to mark eye level from the street (do so from outside the window), and ensure key items are displayed there.
  • Use window lighting to highlight focal points of the display.
  • Change window displays regularly to keep it fresh.

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