The importance of customer flow

18th April

Customer flow enables you to focus on the movement and experience of your customers.  In doing so, it provides you with a great insight into their journey which can in turn, help you develop your business. Small changes to a spatial layout can increase your sales by providing customers with a more satisfactory experience.

When clients ask us for a refurbishment they want to offer a new experience to their customers. When we design a layout that involves a space that has face-to-face dealings with customers. We don’t only think about the overall aesthetics (colours, finishes, lighting, etc.) we also need to imagine we are a customer within the space.  A part of this exercise includes considering how we would feel and react in that environment, what would draw our attention and how we would move through the space.

The customer flow process encompasses the entire customer experience including the pre-arrival, when customer arrives on site, the service point and the after-service. These are all key areas to take into account within the design.

Every business has different target goals. Not all our clients are looking at increasing their sales, so first of all we need to know what their top priorities are:


  • to increase sales?
  • To increase customer satisfaction levels?
  • To maximise staff efficiency?


Finding out what their needs are allows us to tailor the design and hopefully achieve this target goal.

A thorough analysis of our current clients situation may lead us to conclude how we could improve the customer flow, including the location of the existing entrance, the waiting area, reception area, the main retail area, how their products are displayed (by Price, target, sex, …) etc.

Designing a new practice isn’t just about how the space looks, it is equally important to design the space according to the customer journey.

Customers don’t just remember how a space looks, but how it makes them feel.

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