Shining a light on retail design

19th January

Lighting is an extremely useful design tool within a retail environment, however, its significance is often underestimated.

When used correctly, a carefully considered lighting scheme will not only illuminate any chosen space and most importantly, your merchandise but it can also transform them.

Lighting can create different moods and atmospheres which appeal to your customers and can directly reflect the direction of your brand.

The first major decision to make is what mood you would like to represent within your space.

For your customers to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, maximise the use of natural light and use fittings that emit soft diffuse warm glows. This appeals to your customer’s sense of familiarity, allowing them to feel comfortable within the space you have created.

Or on the other end of the lighting temperature spectrum using bright white high intensity light in a variety of directions to create a clean energetic environment.

This would be ideal for a youthful, high energy environment such as sportswear, or one which focuses on a clinical, fresh feeling such as a technology retailer, medical centre or opticians.

Generate drama and contrast within your space by layering ambient lighting with feature, directional and task lighting and play around with different intensities. All these different elements can help direct customer flow and enhance their journey through any given area.

Good lighting can also draw people into your space from the high-street and direct their attention to important areas with key merchandise or significant information.

Directional light is especially important within a retail environment as it will highlight your products and single out specific areas, these are usually spot lights illuminating your wall displays and islands.

Maximise the potential and impact of your space and merchandise by creating and utilising a unique lighting scheme that is specifically adapted to your surroundings, product and brand.

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