The Importance of Furniture Design

16th February

The aesthetics of your furniture can make or break the style of your practice, so making sure you have the right look can mean everything. A piece of furniture can have so many different roles in the day to day running of your shop and it has to meet every demand made of it, whilst also ensuring it matches and compliments its surroundings.

As with all forms of design, furniture often follows either one of two avenues; Form driven or Function driven.

Furniture that follows form generally sets out with a desired aesthetic in mind, with concept designs based on design influences and mood boards. The Function is usually catered to as a secondary factor and the materials are chosen to match the desired style.

Furniture that follows function would be a piece that gets the job done, with no compromise. The aesthetic will purely follow function and materials are decided based on mechanical and budget factors.

Knowing which avenue you should go down or what mix of avenues you wish to follow, is one of the most important decisions you can make for the design of an interior space.

In a retail environment, it is imperative to get the blend of form and function so that you can attract, maintain and inspire your customers, whilst also ensuring they can be catered to in an effective and efficient manner.

The right reception desks, display stands or even coffee table in the waiting area, can affect how the customer perceives your entire business and your brand, so it’s important to make sure the design of your furniture perfectly matches the brand values you want to portray.

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