St Nicholas Head Office, London

St. Nicholas Ltd, is a company specialising in bespoke Christmas decorations that are sold in the UK, but also exported worldwide. The Directors approached us and asked us to design and fit-out their head office, showroom and warehouse in Fulham, London.

Their brief was to develop a contemporary space to reflect the character of their hand-made decorations, in order to echo their unique quality. We came up with a neat and clean design based around neutral colours. This allows the vibrant decorations to really stand out.

The head office incorporated a modern wallpaper, patterned new carpet and simple white desk worktops matching perfectly with their new computer screens. We used LED ceiling lights to create a contemporary and modern solution. These are low maintenance, economical to run, and well suited to an office environment.

Providing a contrast to the office area, the Showroom was a mix of trendiness and tradition. The white wallpaper contrasted beautifully with their sparkling and colourful decorations and were framed by a solid oak border. Character oak flooring gave a quality and permanent feeling to the floor . The directional LED spot lights highlight their gleaming products adding an extra dimension to the space, and the addition of modern black pendant lighting achieved the modernity they were after.

Overall the result was a practical and inviting space and the showroom design achieved a crisp and modern look giving great results.

We also re-furbished the warehouse, with new lighting, decoration and electrics. Outside in the parking area, we installed external wall lights, and re-laid the block paving, which had sunk in various places, allowing water to puddle… not what your Customer wants when getting out of their car!

Duration on site: 10 days

  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Bespoke Cabinetry
  • Decorating
  • Electrics

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