Digital Displays

Eye catching digital displays not only engage your customers but give you the flexibility to promote your message in real time – no longer is there a need to nip down to the printers to get a poster printed.

Whether a free standing display or wall mounted ‘poster’, the displays can ‘plug and play’ via a USB port, HDMI / VGA input or be networked to allow you to remotely update your screen via LAN, WiFi or 3G – great if you want to post messages centrally to a number of stores.

The screens have content management software to control them. The screens can be used to show video, still images, text messages and live web pages.

Customer interaction can be enhanced by showing offers and messages relevant to the moment, the time of day or even appointment availability. The screens can also be split into up to 6 distinct zones. Each of the zones can simultaneously show different content, giving you the flexibility to promote a variety of messages.

They also support scrolling text, have wide angle viewing and a suitable brightness for daylight which makes them an excellent attention grabbing feature for a window display.

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