Benefits of an air conditioning system vs the cost

20th June

In the modern working age where most of us spend our days sat in offices, we have come to expect a certain degree of comfort to boost our productivity.

Even in cooler climates like the UK, heatwaves do occur during the summer months often making offices uncomfortable. This makes it difficult to concentrate and can also cause health problems.

An investment into an air conditioning unit can provide a great solution. After all, even with open windows and ventilation, a busy office can get extremely hot, humid and stuffy once temperatures reach the high 20’s (degrees).

An air conditioning system is more than just a cooling system, it also creates a more hygienic environment. The air inside the conditioned area will contain lower pollen and pollution levels than outside, helpful for those suffering respiratory problems. The air is circulated and more importantly, filtered. The exact temperature can also be controlled precisely. Air con units are relatively quiet, and can work in areas with any humidity levels.

These units do require professional maintenance and special installation and do need a lot of power to operate. However, proper insulation can save power and also allow the air conditioner to work more efficiently.
Although less expensive, the alternative ‘Air cooler’ is limited in where it can be used, and has a risk of becoming unhygienic because of the water pads it uses to cool the surrounding air which can harbor bacteria (unless maintained properly).

In comparison, for both the health and comfort benefits, it is certainly worth investing in an air conditioned system for the hot and humid temperatures to ensure optimum productivity and success in the office environment.

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